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It Takes A Village...

To the women who have chosen to be a negative force in everyone's day, please fucking stop. Pardon the bold word but seriously, enough is enough. As women, we all compare and discuss but at what cost to our daughters, friendships and self-worth? It seems that it is so easy for society to say what they want online or through text message with zero consequences. I hear story after story about the young girl who hangs on every word someone says about them or to them on social media. Sometimes we get it right by sharing a thoughtful comment. Other times they are words so hurtful that we will only know the true affects they have later in life. This is not going to disappear, BUT we can make it better by being the example of forgiveness, love, and acceptance.

Which brings me to a solid plan that all mothers and fathers should think about in their own lives. Every time your children or other children are around you, set the example. There really isn't any disputing this. No, it is not our jobs as strangers to mold other people's kids however, you may be the parent around a group of children on a regular basis. I had a rare and beautiful childhood where many women raised me. I have six woman who were second mothers to me. Not because mine wasn't around, but because my mother surrounded us and herself with strong, amazing women. I attribute a lot to my friendships and personality to these women.

I am not saying they didn't have their gossip straight at times, but they were all there to support and nurture me and my two sisters. Be the example and surround yourself and your children with people who can help mold them into awesome humans. We need this, our daughters and sons need this, and more importantly the world needs this.

P.S. I speak mostly of the impact of woman but gentlemen you have an equal impact on our youth too, so walk straight and keep good company.

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