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Action Plan for Accountability

We are all guilty of fallen dreams and unmet goals. Life gets in the way... or is that an excuse I give myself when I do not have a plan in place to crush my difficult goals. BINGO! I used to believe that if I did not finish or maintain a goal for my life then I just didn't want it bad enough. That was also a good excuse to manage my guilt. The reality is, we are busy and we all need to create a plan that can be implemented into our life structure as it is now. Will we need to do a little clean up on time management and things that do not serve us, yes. It is all about the action plan and this is how you do it.

  1. Set the goals or vision that you have for your life. This could be a workout goal, spending more time being present in all areas of your life, or reading 5 books in 5 months. Whatever it may be WRITE IT DOWN and put it in the drawer you use the most. This is probably next to your toothpaste.

  2. Nail down your "why". So start with why you want to change, accomplish or implement this into your life. Answer: I want to be healthier and have more energy" Then ask yourself "why" AGAIN. Answer: I want to feel better which will create more productivity and happiness. How about we go even deeper with "why: again. Answer: When I am productive and happy I am a better human, a better partner, a better mother and a better friend. The more you signal to your brain that this will improve your life exponentially the more likely you will stay true to your action plan.

  3. Track your process and set mini goals. I love a good journal or planner that promotes you to set goals and track your behavior for the day like the Panda Planner. This is just one of many that supports your growth within your day to day. Even when you don't hit your mark for the day, you can rebound with the question "how am I going to do things differently tomorrow to make it happen". This is also a way to take stock of how you spend your time. What can you do without and what is not deserving of your time that you can cut? Check out my video The importance of Evaluating your Time for how to deep clean how you spend it.

  4. Celebrate your WINS! If you are a parent you know that feeling of doing little things for the first time that help your morale like successfully transitioning your newborn to their own bedroom. It will be the little wins that also signal to your brain that this thing you are doing produces a lot of happy, healthy chemicals and will want you to do it more. Have you ever had a craving for dessert at the same time every day and it made you so happy? Did you ever wonder why your brain signals for you to have that ice cream? The brain doesn't discriminate on what makes you happy, so it will signal you to do that thing again. So, use that powerful brain to signal for the things that are going to move you forward in your goals. Even the smallest of wins will do.

  5. Know your potential distractions and obstacles. Netflix, children, eating, wine... Whatever it may be, you know yourself pretty well and can account for what could set you off course. Then create a plan or response to this obstacle when it does happen. This means you will have to be super present in your behavior. If it is an attitude or emotion you have instead of an object then try using a friend to hold you accountable or a life coach for the first 2-6 weeks. This will help you navigate the negative self-talk or the excuses you can wholeheartedly talk yourself into. Oh yes, I have been there and down that road before. Along with tracking your progress and creating a daily schedule, even the hour of HBO Max, you will be able to create a lifestyle that supports your goals and vision.

Not everyone will get it right the first time, but that is why you need an action plan. One that will give you all the tools you need to succeed. Pair this with a substantial amount of information or success stories from others and you will be creating a life that feels like it is working for you and not against you. Now...Get to WORK!


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