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My coaching method stems from not only my training, but the 12 year journey I experienced as a life coaching client.

I became a trained Life Coach in 2016, but before that I was a frustrated, lost soul.  At the age of 22 I sought the help of my first life coach. I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without her. It is through my own work that I can wholeheartedly say IT WORKS! It isn't magic or a trend that will fix the problems in life. It is YOU. You have everything you need to create the life you want, it is my job to pull those strengths out and add tools to help you navigate through. 

Hi, I'm Megan Young

I love observing human behavior and it fuel my quest for self discovery. Maybe it started with my role as the youngest of three sisters? Being a good listener and mediator was mandatory for this sister gig. 


Self discovery... thankfully I was introduced to Life Coaching in my early 20's. This helped me discover my career path out of college, plan a three month volunteer trip to Africa, follow my heart in love, and develop coping skills after my sister's death. Without these experiences I would not be help others the way I can now.

I strive to help those who have found themselves ready to transition into a new life and beginning. That is why my focus is intentional and born out of my own experiences.  Whatever the new journey is, if you don't develop the vision, determination and coping skills to fight through the adversity then your goals will fall flat. That will not happen under my guidance and you will find the practices and insight needed to feel confident in your decision every step of the way. 


University of North Texas Alumni



Kelli Bass, Life Coach Training

Author, Life After Loss Workbook



United States Tennis Association,

Adult Social Play, Chair 

United States Tennis Association Texas

Social Networking, Chair



  • FAMILY- Every person in my family plays an important role in my life and I am incredibly grateful. 

  • SINGING - in the shower, for weddings or for my little boy.

  • HIKING -My favorite memories and adventures all include a hike.

  • TENNIS- Being a part of a tennis family in Texas allows for healthy competition. Or so we believe. 

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