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I'm thrilled to share something special with all of you – the Mindful Ninja Toolkit, your trusty sidekick for those times when life throws curveballs and you need some extra mojo. This isn't just a guide; it's like having your life coach friend (that's me!) in your pocket, cheering you on even when our coaching sessions are on pause.


So, here's the deal: dive into this toolbox, and you'll find all the good stuff we've talked about and more.



  • Rediscovering Your Identity
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Assessment
  • Gratitude Guide
  • Transition Mindset
  • Mindset Practices
  • Mindset Strategies
  • Planning Ahead
  • The Planner
  • The Method


So, whether we're officially in coach mode or you're just checking in for a friendly boost, the Mindful Ninja Toolkit is here for you. Consider it my virtual high-five, my way of saying, "You got this!" Because you totally do.

Mindful Ninja Toolkit

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